Environmental Services

ACA Studios provides environmental and cultural services to tackle simple environmental issues in a quick and cost-effective manner. Our main objective is to help you in achieving goals that are culturally orientated.

We offer advice to our clients on species lists to achieve the best outcome for the project. Our clients include:

  • Catchment Management Authorities
  • Commercial and Residential Developers
  • Civil Contractors
  • Environmental NGO’s
  • Golf Courses
  • Landowners and Managers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Local Councils
  • State and Federal Government Departments
Aboriginal Contemporary Arts - Allan Sumner - Environmental Services


Our staff have the expertise to put together revegetation lists to suit a variety of vegetation types.

This includes choosing the species for optimal plant survival as well as improving the biodiversity of the works.
We also take care of plant ordering, site preparation, and fast paced planting. Seed collection and direct seeding through specific methods can also be arranged according to our clients’ needs.

If you are looking for a natural resources management firm that can help you plan and re-establish native vegetation to meet compliance and your own objectives, please contact us here at ACA Studios.

Weed Control

Contract Weed Control

ACA Environmental Services undertake contract weed control for various Local Governments throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Region (Kaurna Yarta). This targeted approach to weed control provides better results year after year as weed cover is gradually reduced allowing native plants to flourish.

Grass Weeds

Non-native annual and perennial grasses can be difficult to control, especially when growing in proximity to native plants. Natural Area use site specific techniques to control and eradicate grasses, taking into consideration herbicide-resistance, community consultation, Client and environmental needs.

Hand weeding

Hand weeding is often required in sensitive remanent areas where herbicide cannot be used or where access is limited. Area can provide hand weeding teams to manual pull weeds and dispose off site.

Weed Survey

In order to prescribe the best treatment methodology for a site, it is important that the types of weeds presenting are identified. ACA Studios ensures a culturally appropriate methodology in order to reduce weed coverage and eliminate species from sites including Cultural Burning. Remanent areas can undertake cultural heritage surveys at various times throughout the year to determine cultural sensitive areas. ACA Studios offers culturally appropriate recommendations for management. This could include prioritising treatments based on the level of infestation and invasiveness of weeds on site.

Woody Weeds

Woody weeds require a specialist approach for control and eradication. ACA Studios work in remanent areas where we can treat various woody weeds including non-native trees such as Japanese Pepper Tree, Flinders Range Wattle, Fig Trees and Olive Trees. Large fibrous species such as Typha and Giant Reed and woody shrubs such as Castor Oil Plants and Blackberry.