Our Training Team

As a provider of cultural safety & race relations training, ACA Studios provides a narrative methodology in facilitating services that shift people’s thinking around race relations.

Due to the contentious nature of some content, ACA Studios have developed safe ways to conduct difficult conversations. Participants often give positive feedback on the transformative nature of our training.

Allan Sumner
Allan Sumner
David Sjoberg
David Sjoberg

Organisational Consulting & Development

A culturally safe and secure environment is one where all people feel safe and draw strength in their identity, culture and community. On the other hand, lateral violence undermines and attacks identity, culture and community.

ACA Studios looks at ways to establish an environment that ensures cultural safety within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations. Our consultancy offers cultural security for external parties such as governments, industry and non-government organisations (NGOs) who engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations. We consult with government, corporate bodies and business clients to advise them around being culturally safe in all interactions with Aboriginal people.

Cultural Safety Training

ACA Studios is focused on delivery the highest quality services in cultural awareness and Cultural Safety Training. Cultural Safety Training aims to shift organisational staff values that can influence their practice, but it also has a focus on positive outcomes for Aboriginal clients, communities and services.

Cultural safety is defined as an outcome of good practice working with Aboriginal communities and clients. It is for organisations who are intent on engaging and working for and with Aboriginal people. The training enables organisations to deliver a safe service which is defined by those who receive the service. This gives credibility to organisations within Aboriginal communities, as well as to individuals who receive the service.

Client Success Story

“Good morning Dave and Allan,

Since attending the first Cultural Safety workshop, I have been moved by both of your personal stories and attempt to break down the barriers through forgiveness, humility and understanding.

In the short time since February, my attitude has shifted more than I care to admit and I really appreciate how you two challenge us, to challenge the paradigm in which we were born and/or raised.

Thank you.”

-3rd Year Medical Student